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My name is Tania Martin and I am the face behind Acroyoga100.


Just like you, I got tired and frustrated with wearing expensive branded workout clothes that retained moisture and felt uncomfortable.


I was so worried about my sweat patches and my non-squat proof leggings that I stopped enjoying my workouts and yoga classes. 

Was asking for squat proof, moisture wicking, supportive, durable and affordable leggings too much?


It seemed like it…


Acroyoga100 was born.

I am a bit of a wind whirl so after trying many different brands without success, I decided to start my venture into the activewear world.

It took me a lot of research until I found an apparel manufacturer that was willing to work with me and support my idea: create exclusive activewear for every woman to feel empowered and secure in their active lives.

Australian made and designed activewear.

I like to be transparent with my customers.

I started working with a supplier from overseas as it was the easiest way to get my samples rolling. That is why you would still see that I have the two first leggings made overseas.

From 2020, I can proudly say that all Acroyoga100 garments are made and designed in Australia.

Do you feel exclusive wearing the same leggings as the other half of the room?

Me either.

That is the reason behind the number 100 in my leggings brand. 

Acroyoga100 means that I produce only 100 units of each unique apparel.

Be yourself, they say.


I have been heavily involved in all sorts of yoga and other sports. So, you can rest assured that Acroyoga100 apparel is made by a female yogi, for active women.

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